Send details to support your VAT repayment claim

You’ve submitted your first VAT return, but as you invested a substantial amount of money you are due a refund.
Your business/company may get flagged and HMRC will send you a letter with heading:
Check of first period VAT Return – claim for repayment of VAT
You’d be requested to access their form on and search “Send details to support your VAT repayment claim
First make sure you have your Login details to your account – unless your agent prepares it for you – then they use their own agent logins once your business have provided them with authorisation codes (and that’s how it should be) no agent should have access to your own/business passwords and IDs
What you’ll need next:
• your VAT registration number
• the CFSS reference number from the letter we sent (for example, CFSS-1234567)
• details of your main business activities
• the date you started trading
• the VAT rates that apply to your sales
• details of any VAT schemes you use (for example the VAT Cash Accounting Scheme)
• your detailed VAT account
• your 5 highest purchase invoices
Depending on your circumstances, you may also need:
• bank statements
• export sales invoices or supporting documents
• import VAT documents
• hire purchase or lease agreements
• completion statements and proof of transfer of funds for the purchase of land or property
• the planning reference and postcode of construction sites (if you supply construction services)
• sales invoices where non-standard VAT rates were charged
and then you follow instructions on the screen. We always recommend to make a print-screen or pdf print out of each page for later reference if required.
If you need help with any of these and/or looking for an agent, please contact us or your bookkeeping/accountancy practice.