MONOCYCLE from £250 a month

This is for you, if you love taking control, have read the “Profit First” book and feel comfortable with the English language


We keep you accountable with regular reminders…

Phase I – Profit Assessment

  •  You are leaning back and leave your Profit Assessment to the Pro.
  • On the basis of your business statements of the last three years, I am conducting your personal Profit Assessment
  • You get a written, handy, custom designed Profit Assessment Report which is our guideline for Phase II and addresses your upcoming six quarters with Profit First


You ready? Let’s start with:

Phase II – Implementation of Profit First


In our monthly or biweekly profit strategy calls I’ll walk you through the steps we lined out in your Profit

Assessment report:

  • Set up your Profit First accounts
  • Calculate your allocations
  • Individual adjustments
  • Adjustments of CAPs at the end of each quarter
  • Troubleshooting