HIGH WHEEL from £498 a month


This is for you, if you have read the “Profit First” book and just don’t plan on reinventing the wheel on your own


You bring to life, what you learned in the book…

Phase I – Profit Assessment

  • You create your Profit Assessment as described in the book and Profit First University.
  • Afterwards you send us your Profit Assessment for review and schedule a ZOOM with us for a short feedback and tips concerning your assessment

Now you can be sure, that you’re Profit Assessment is correct and start with :

Phase II – Implementation of Profit First

As you go through the steps of setting up your accounts and calculate your allocations, you have

  • one hour of strategic Profit First Conversations per month with a Certified Profit First Professional via Skype or phone to discuss your progress, upcoming roadblocks and your successes.
  • This way we will keep you accountable and make sure you are on the right path to success

Plus: you get unlimited e-mail support for all upcoming “in-passing-questions” and benefit of our experience and  the whole set of Best Practices of all Profit First Professionals worldwide.


Bonus: Profit First University

Your knowledge base is right at your fingertips on any given device with an internet connection and provides you 24/7 with the following features:


  • 10 self learning video modules made by Mike Michalowicz, the author and inventor of Profit First
  • printable bonus material


  • Personal access to an exclusive forum of Profit First business owners and Profit First Professionals
  • support from fellow users, Profit First Professionals and the Headquarter team around Mike Michalowicz on any question you have concerning Profit First