Automate Your Profits

profit first


Automating your profit can be a game changer for any business. By setting up a system to move your profits directly into the profit account as soon as sales are made, you remove the guesswork and strategically prioritize profit over sales. With platforms such as Xero and Starling Bank account, you’ll easily be able to create pockets or jars for separating profit from other accounts. Not only does this make it easier to stay organized, but you can also get money into your profit account more frequently since it doesn’t solely rely on 11th and 25th of the month payment schedules when collection happens. Start with a low percentage of profit first payments and slowly increase over time – don’t be too hard on yourself – and pretty soon you can be sleeping well knowing that everything is taken care of! When in doubt speak to certified professional bookkeepers or an accountant who will help you on the journey to automated profit success.


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